We are committed to safeguarding children and young people at all times and supporting other professionals who also have this duty. Our values and principles are transparent.


Our intention is to promote and support the integration of PSHE and RSE material within other Colleges, Local Authority Schools, Academies and similar education establishments, as well as train staff to use the developed materials in PSHE and RSE lessons. Current research indicates that a holistic approach is needed as well as up-to-date knowledge, in order to keep pace with children and young people's reliance on technology.

The course covers many areas within Key Stages 1-5 and each ‘lesson’/ theme  has cross-referencing to PSHE/RSE curriculum within Key Stages 1-4 (created within a grid). This will facilitate lesson-planning and differentiation for each type of class/pupil. We are committed to ongoing development of this and already have identified areas we would like to develop further.

We actively encourage chidren, young people and professionals to give feedback in order to include this in our further development of our course, keeping information current and up to date.